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Something happens when we have children. Our focus shifts in such a dramatic way.

All else goes to the wayside, as we work to care for them.

It can be overwhelming.

Managing our children's needs, keeping up with the house, the finances, school, our relationships...

We moms have a lot going on.

Moms with children who have special needs have even MORE to juggle, leading to burnout and overwhelm.

Overwhelmed Moms:

  • Constantly feel worried about their kids

  • Feel stuck without options relating to school or health issues.

  • Often feel unheard by experts.

  • Struggle to figure out how to feed their families well, especially when their kids have allergies, food sensitivities, etc.

  • May be questioning traditional medical narrative and are looking for guidance to step away from traditional medical care.

  • Struggle to care for their own health:

    • Not getting enough sleep

    • Feeling anxious, stressed

    • Have digestive issues

    • Experience ups and downs emotionally

    • Feel overwhelmed by their kids issues and then trying to care for themselves in the midst of that.

  • Struggling to feel connected spiritually or with Your Creator.

At 3LifeEssentials, we specialize in supporting moms with special needs by providing tools & resources to help you navigate your family's needs AND take care of your own health too.

How Does It Work??

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You Don't Have to Figure It Out All By Yourself.

Don't waste time for you and your family doing the same things over and over without results.

The same old ways of doing things just leads to:

  • Continued struggles

  • Wasted time & money chasing “experts” that don’t know their kids/family & not getting the answers you need.

  • Development of our own physical and emotional health issues as we overburden our health with stress.

  • Feeling disorganized and stressed.

  • Lost time with our kids as we try to juggle it all while feeling overwhelmed.

Hi, I'm Amy!

Prior to having my own family, I worked as a therapist supporting moms of kids with special needs. I saw their struggles and frustrations first hand.

Little did I know I would be facing some of these same challenges with my own children.

Having walked the path from both sides now, I know how to support women in these challenging situations. 


It was a bit stressful planning meals at first, but once the plan was done for the week, mealtime was so much easier for everyone. I didn't have to wonder what to make, or even forget that I bought something and have it go bad, so we've saved money and time. And my kids keep talking about healthy sugars and bad sugars and fueling your body with good fuel to everyone they meet! The course is great! I loved the nuggets of info everyday to keep me motivated. The reminder every morning too, was a reminder that I'm not doing this alone.”

- Lia | Minnesota

My brain fog has lifted, I feel better and dropped some weight. But what is always telling to me is when I don't need to take my Digestzen to quiet the heartburn
anymore! Whether you do a specialized cleanse or detox or start utilizing a clean organic diet with lemon in your water and the LLV and Terrazyme as a daily routine find something you can do and stick to it. Then move on from there. Plan to do the 30 Day Cleanse at some point! I've done 2 of them and always felt amazing!

- Sugar [RESET] attendee

I have been using oils for years, but each time I buy a kit, I have no one to help me learn to use it. The education is vital with these or you just feel lost. I appreciate it because I feel like I have a good foundation to build on. I know where I can find things and have an amazing coach (Amy & Jim) that are also great at answering my 159 questions. I appreciate you guys and all your hard work!

- Katie | S. Carolina

We've been there...

At PSW, we know you are the kind of person who wants to feel like you can take care of your health at home. In order to do that, you need simple tools and techniques that really work.

You need encouragement and a positive community of folks who are working on their health at home, in their own way.

The problem is we are often told that getting back on track with our health can only be found through expensive therapies and procedures, which put us in debt, sometimes cause more problems, and keep us stuck in the revolving door of health issues.

We have found that there are simple things we can do at home to truly recover our health, instead of putting a bandaid on our situation. We understand what it feels like to feel stuck with our health, while not having a clear plan on how to get better. That’s why we created Practice Simple Wellness.

Here’s how it works: Identify where you need the most help right away, learn the simple techniques that will move the needle forward on your health goals, and then implement them at home. It's that simple.

Jump in with us, get unstuck with your health and get back to feeling your best.

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