Fertility, Pregnancy, Birthing and Beyond


Do you have specific questions, but want to hear from an expert or personal experiences of others? Join Amy Miller in this 3-part video series interviewing Dr. Noel Boyd, Holistic OB/GYN in the north Houston area, and first hand experiences of mom and oil-lover, Lindsay Gunsauls.



Whether you've come here with fertility questions, pregnancy issues or tools to manage labor and beyond, you are in the right place! Come inside with an open heart and mind, take notes, and you just may be surprised at how powerful and safe these plants can be in your life. Welcome!


Now that you are pregnant and you've been given the list of things you can no longer have, great news! Here are some effective and safe tools you can use to tackle all the things that come with pregnancy - nausea, stretch marks, heartburn, hip pain and more.

Birthing and Babies

It's go-time! You might be a bit nervous or excited - or a little of both. It's definitely a time to celebrate because we're about to give you some amazing solutions for relaxation, managing pain, perineum care, and even some safe options for your newest blessing.


Don't forget this! Inside you'll find a bonus ebook to print out or jot down oil recipes you'll want to have ready for all. the. things. When you complete this section and send us your feedback, we have a 2nd bonus gift for you! It's our way of saying, 'thank you' for investing in your health and your new little one.

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