Pay It Forward Bags

Are you looking for a way to pay it forward? Maybe teaching your kids to do something outside themselves and serve someone else?

Join me as I walk you through a simple activity that you can do as a family that will get your eyes on something and someone new. Who knows... maybe it will become a new tradition in your family!

Growing up in a Christian family, serving others has always been something very important to us and my parents always looked for ways for us to get outside of ourselves - one of the easiest ways to get out of a funk or get out of boredom is to serve someone else. Over the years as a child and as an adult, I’ve served in various capacities
  • bringing meals to those sick
  • buying groceries for an elderly woman who was blind
  • serving on mission trips locally and internationally, helping with summer camps for kids in poverty
  • sponsoring children through organizations like Compassion International
  • holding hands and praying for strangers in need

As a mom, I want to instill this same love for serving others into my boys. Today I want to share with you an easy tool to help your family look for opportunities to serve others around them. 

This all started with our friends, the Pucas and their son, Caleb, who started a movement among our local Kingwood community back in 2016 by creating bags for those who were homeless. We continued that movement when our 3LifeEssentials community of leaders and customers took bags made with love to those homeless in Salt Lake City while we were attending doTERRA’s Global convention and we decided to do it again in a different fashion. 

Now, at the time we lived in Kingwood and we didn't see many that our homeless in our community, but we did when we are out and about. One day, my son Noah, who was seven at  the time, and I noticed a man outside of Office Max digging in the trash. We wanted to do more for him but weren't prepared. 

So, we began creating these Pay it Forward bags! We put together 10 gallon-sized Ziploc bags filled with personal necessities, snacks, warm socks some encouraging cards and most importantly, a Bible. We try to keep two bags, along with a rolled blanket in our car at all times so that we are ready to give when the need arises. 

Doing this has helped our kids see outside of themselves. When we drive around town, running errands, they see the world differently. They are LOOKING for those in need. Many times, they see the need before we even do. We have been able to give out these bags and see the faces light up, brighten another’s day, and even pray with a few. 

Here is what we fill our bags with: 

Snack Bars
Toiletries bag
Kids' Notes (personal note from our family)

Do you think this is something that you and your family could do? We want to challenge you to make at least 5 bags and have them in your vehicle so you are prepared next time you encounter someone in need! 

Let us here from you. We love to hear your stories and feedback on this idea. 

Watch the full video here: 

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