Skincare Routine Simplified

Are you feeling a bit blah about your skin? 
Not liking the ingredients in your cleanser & moisturizer? 
I did too. 

That's why I'm going to show exactly how I've recently simplified my products & routine, using the oil cleansing method and you can too - with big results! I know you're feeling like your skin is too dull or too sensitive or too oily, too whatever, but you want to feel good about what you're putting on your skin with simple ingredients. So I'm going to help you out today by sharing with you the changes I've made the last four months that will simplify and uplevel your skin.

First, there are two things that I do for my skin that HAVEN'T changed - and that is my bioavailable essential oil supplements and my water intake. These are essentials and are a part of my "skincare" regimen. Water is so important to helping our skin not only look good but feel good and my LifeLong Vitality supplements help me from the inside out. When I take those daily there are fewer things I have to do for my skin on the “outside”.

I've been trying to use fewer and fewer toxins around me over the past ten years, making small shifts each year and one of those shifts I've made is with my skincare.  I made this change because I discovered that most of the products I was using on my skin disrupt hormones, cause organ damage, and expose me to carcinogens. Ingredients like 1-4, Dioxane, phthalates, and even fragrance have been linked to depression, obesity, and even cancer. Pull out all your favorite products and just look at the ingredients. 

But over the last 4 months, I decided to make another change and SIMPLIFY the routine as well with oil cleansing. I did it because I knew my skin needed a change and I wanted it to just be easier! The first change I made was I switched to the oil cleansing method. This isn’t just essential oils but is made up of fatty oils. This cleanses your skin, removes makeup, dissolves oil on your face, balances the oil your skin produces and leaves your skin looking and feeling dewy. If you are someone that has oily skin or has acne-prone skin, this actually HELPS! Traditional soap cleansers actually strip the skin of the natural oils and leave it feeling tight and dry. 

Here are a few combinations you might want to check out for your skin type:

  • Apricot kernel oil is really good for dry or aging skin
  • Argan oil is good for all skin types
  • Grapeseed oil is good for acne-prone or oily skin
  • Hemp oil is good for all skin typesJojoba oil is good for all skin types
  • Olive Oil is good for dry or aging skin
  • Almond oil is also good for dry or aging skin

You can grab those oils, and combine them for your skin type in a 4 oz bottle. 
For oily skin, you want to use 2 tablespoons of castor oil and 6 tablespoons of your chosen oils. 
If you have normal or combination skin you want to use 1 tablespoon of castor oil and 7 tablespoons of your chosen oils. For dry skin, you want to use 8 tablespoons carrier oil with no castor oil! Once you get it together just drop a small pool into your palm and then massage into your face. You only need to do this once a day, usually at night. But morning or night works! You want the oil to glide over your face and neck. Once you have the oil on you want really hot water and a washcloth that you will then gently wipe away all the oil and the residue. Just rinse and repeat until your skin is clean! Making sure you get the right combination for your skin is important so if it doesn’t feel good try another combo!

The second change I made about four months ago is I started taking Yarrow|Pom Cellular Complex capsules. This particular combination of the Yarrow essential oil and pomegranate seed extract really help bring a healthy glow to my skin from the inside out. It also boosts collagen production, has hormonal benefits, has Vitamin C to support your immune system, and has melon extract to help with cell turnover. This is what I have added to my essential oil supplements. I take the Yarrow|Pom Cellular Complex morning and night. 

If you don’t want to guess at what the right combination of oil cleanser would be for your skin you need to check out my friend Lindsey’s GoodSkin Beauty Shop. She has oil cleansers for every skin type, a toner spray and beauty oils that moisturize your skin, using the highest quality fatty oils, and of course, dōTERRA's CPTG quality essential oils. Lindsey has offered a 15% discount code just for our subscribers! Use AMY15 at checkout. 

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