Let's Talk All Things Skin From dōTERRA So You Can Pamper Yourself This Winter!

When you look in the mirror🪞, you want to feel good about what you see, but right's just not feeling so great.

I'm going to go over my favorite skincare products that help your skin glow from the inside out and which ones to use for your specific skin care needs. (insert happy dance)!

As a busy woman, you don't have time to research ALL.THE.THINGS. and so I'm doing that FOR you. Simple, yet effective skincare solutions for the redness, the dryness, the oiliness, the bumps, and all the things in-between. WITHOUT the garbage ingredients that make your hormones go wackadoodle. 😜I mean, nobody got time for that.

Do you really want skincare that smells amazing, makes you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror.... AND that is SIMPLE?

Yes? Let's dive in then!

Let's start with foundations.

I'm assuming that you are ALREADY taking Lifelong Vitality supplements, ,digestive enzymes, and probiotics daily. Without these foundations, you will just be patching things "on the surface". This assumes that you are already allowing your body to absorb and digest all of the nutrients, provide good gut bacteria that support good skin, AND giving your body all of the vitamins, minerals, and marine or plant-based omega-3s to provide glowing skin as your foundation.

Let's build on the foundations with a SIMPLE addition to your skincare routine that can make a HUGE impact! FRANKINCENSE!

All of our products are made with pure plant extracts, fragrance free, non toxic, gentle and safe for daily use, containing no carcinogens, and non gmo.

3 facial systems from dōTERRA, depending on your needs - and you can take parts of each to customized your own specific skin care needs:

  1. Essential Skin Care Line
  2. Verage Skin Care Line
  3. HD Clear Skin Care Line

p.s..... Don't forget to grab my Skincare Essentials ebook down below. 👇🏼

The Essential Skin Care Line

Essential Skin Care - a family of skin care products designed to meet all your anti-aging, skin care needs, keep your skin feeling and looking young, healthy, and gorgeous by maximizing the natural power of essential oils.

My favorite product in this line is the Hydrating Cream. I doctor mine up for addedhydrating cream, rose, neroli, jasmine, and yarrow/pom essential oilsbenefits by adding Yarrow|Pom, Blue Tansy, Rose, Neroli, and Jasmine. Just 5-10 drops of each and stir them in. (Use a dropper or pipette to add in the Rose, Neroli, and Jasmine Touch oils).

The Verage Skin Care Line

Verage Skin Care nourishes and hydrates skin and reduces the visible signs of aging, advanced plant technology used in Verage promotes the appearance of an optimal lipid balance - the same balance found in healthy, youth-ful looking skin.

HD Skin Care Line

A few of my favorite add on skincare products:

Reveal System

This 2-part system used 2-3 times per week, exfoliates and renews my skin and gives is a soft texture and glow!
Reveal facial system for exfoliation and renewal

Detoxifying Mud Mask

Spa Detoxifying Mud Mask can be used for armpit detox, skin imperfection spot treatments, blemish cover-up, or deodorant.

Yarrow|Pom Collection

Yarrow/Pom trio of products were scientifically developed to work synergistically to provide powerful support to the skin and promote ageless radiance.

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