How to Quickly Get out of a Funk This Season

You may have found yourself in a funk this holiday season, or maybe you're not. But either way, this activity will bless your day - so much so that you may have a new yearly tradition.

I have found that one of the fastest ways to get out of a funk and put myself back in a positive frame of mind is to do something for someone else. Have you heard of doing "10 envelopes" with your family over the holidays? Me either, but I was inspired by someone else to do it. You will be too after hearing about our encounters

This is an activity that takes very little money, but it does require intentional effort and thought. And the payoffs in blessing your heart, are BIG

Last year right before the holidays we went to Wal-Mart with our three boys and the most amazing thing happened. It was the kind of amazing that I'll never forget. 

Here's how to make this happen:
  • Gather 10 envelopes and paper or cards. You can use Christmas cards, New Year's cards, or blank/undated cards, whichever you prefer. 
  • Write a simple, personal note for each envelope (I've included some examples below). If you have kids involved, consider adjusting the number (ie. With five in our family, each person wrote two cards - for a total of ten.) Don't forget to add your name to the bottom! 
  • You might consider adding some cash to the envelope. This is completely optional, but adds a fun surprise to the receiver. The amount isn't important - whether it's $1 or $100. It's the heart of you as the giver. 
  • Find a place where you want to deliver your envelopes. We chose Wal-Mart because we knew there would be a crowd there, but some choose a specific group of people (ie. those in service - a nurse, someone mopping the floors, etc). Get creative with where you want to focus.
  • Take the time to pray over your envelopes and ask God to show you who to give them to. This is the time for humility, boldness, courage, and a smile. 
  • When you find someone to deliver your envelope to, walk up, smile and hand them the card and walk away. You can say "Happy New Year" or something nice, but you don't have to. Let God do the rest of the work. 
Whether you do this by yourself, or with friends or family, it doesn't matter. The point is to take your envelopes to complete strangers and bless them with a smile and a personal note. 

Trust me - this will be an experience you will never forget.

I hope you are inspired like I was!

Other ways to get out of a funk and be inspired as a family:
Pay it Forward Bags (aka You Matter Bags)

Examples of notes for the 10 Envelope Challenge:
"I don't know you and you don't know me, but I felt led to give this to you. You are seen and you are loved. I pray that God's love wraps around you like a warm blanket this season."
"I hope that getting this card makes you feel happy and lets you know that Jesus loves you."
"Jesus loves you so HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

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