How to Experience True Change

Years ago, there was a psychologist who would start every meeting with a new client by telling them the exact same thing. In his professional experience, what he would share with clients that first day, was the only thing that had the power to bring about true change. Wouldn't you like to know what he shared?

What are the areas of your life you know needs to change? 

  • Getting more exercise? 
  • To stop yelling at your kids? 
  • Setting goals? 
  • Taking action? 
  • Eating better? 
  • Removing the stressors? 
  • Getting more sleep?

I’m Amy Miller - and in the course of my life, I have become an expert in change. 

Would you like to experience....
  • Freedom from a dull life
  • Freedom from bondage
  • Freedom from barriers
  • Freedom to live like a child
  • Freedom from limitations
  • Freedom to be well 
  • Freedom to CHANGE
  • Freedom to experience your best life???

So, you want to know more about the psychologist above? He knew what neuroscience today is just catching up to. That you are hard-wired for connection, for relationship and before anything else can happen, relationship must be re-established. I'm not just talking about your relationship with your father, mother, or your ex-spouse. I'm talking about a relationship with someone more important. I'm talking about a relationship whose love for you makes their love look like a dimly lit candle. I'm talking about your Creator, God. 

This psychologist would begin each session with a new client sharing that they had broken the relationship with their loving Creator when they fell into sin. But because of His great love for them, God sent Jesus to fix their broken relationship. To do that, He took the punishment for their sin by dying on a cross. And now, by faith, he would tell them, you can accept Jesus's gift and begin to experience true, LASTING change. Only Jesus brings true change.

What about you Are you someone who desires TRUE CHANGE to live a life filled with being WELL
I think we all do. 

Ultimately, that only happens when we change from the inside out.

Without laying the foundation by repairing the most important relationship in your life, nothing else is going to matter. There won't be any lasting change. You will be spinning your wheels. What does it benefit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul? Jesus brings true change.

Now's the time to decide - to start saying 'no' to the things of this world that are not bringing you peace. Now is the time to say. ‘yes” to the One who created you and can bring lasting peace, a sense of BELONGING and IDENTITY - becoming who He created you to be.

Watch the complete video below: 

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