Hope for Hard Times

What are you doing right now to deal with the emotional toll of the last several weeks? You're in need of some inspiration and hope and you need it RIGHT. NOW.  🙌🏻This week you are going to be blessed by Dr. Kellie Lancaster, whose amazing story of overcoming great tragedy and recovering with triumph AND her tools that she picked up along the way, is going to leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, and ready to take ACTION on the future! Three keys for your health, your spirit, and your business.   

When 2020 kicked off you were trying to map out the best year ever, but then you were faced with dramatic changes and you started to wonder what was going to happen. Closing schools meant you were going to be taking care of your kids all day every day, while still carrying on your OTHER daily tasks.  And then, as if that wasn’t enough, the world literally closed for business. It's been a roller coaster of emotions, am I right?!

As a business owner and a mom, you’re trying to figure out how to navigate these unprecedented times without dropping any of the balls that you're juggling. Then, without warning, someone ran up and handed you a few more balls to add to the mix.   

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Kellie in Oklahoma last year and was so impressed by the Light shining through her. She's a wife, busy mom of two, health & wellness expert, and business owner - and she will bless your day. Trust me, right now you want to carve out time for this conversation.  

If you're ready for the kind of inspiration that helps you see there are tools that can help you get through the most difficult things the world throws at you, and that there is hope at the other end of the tunnel check out my conversation with Dr. Kellie Lancaster!💛

Check out my full interview with Kellie here:

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