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When the products we use, become the products we love.... we share them with you, our community. We don't promote anything here that we haven't heavily vetted and use ourselves. We receive a small thank you when you purchase them through us, and we pass along any discounts to you.

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Fried? Take a brain break.

Brain Breaks

An Essential for Every Parent

Does your child get restless, irritable, or zone out when they sit still for long periods of time? Find out WHY and what you can do about it!

Kids Cook Real Food

Online Cooking Videos

Our favorite online course for teaching kids of all ages knife safety, plus kitchen and cooking skills that will make you the parent of the year and make your job easier. 
It's a win-win!
Kids Baking Challenge presented by kids Cook Real Food

Big Life Journal

Raising Kids to Have a Growth Mindset

This is our favorite go-to resource for helping our boys persevere, do hard things and stay positive. From podcasts, journals, and free resources -- all things you love!
Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat


Meal Planning Made Simple

Our favorite meal planning website allows you to add and organize recipes, drag those recipes onto a calendar to plan them, and the software automatically creates your shopping list based on your planned recipes.  Free 30-day trial through our link. 

Kombucha Kamp

Buy kombucha online

Our favorite and #1 online resource for all things kombucha, including SCOBY cultures and Big Book of Kombucha. 

Feed Your family better for less. Azure Standard.

Azure Standard

Healthy Food for Your Family. Delivered.

Order online after finding a drop location near you. Healthy, yummy food, including bulk options. We've ordered Azure all over the country, even before traveling & love it!

Thrive Market

Making healthy living easy and affordable for everyone

On a specific meal plan -- or just want healthy options? Your first order is 30% off using our link! All delivered right to your door. 


Nutrition in a Pinch

This organ-based seasoning has become our new "simple and delicious way to increase the nutritional value of everything you eat." Tastes yummy - replaces all your go-tos!

WholeTones Therapeutic Christmas music


Therapeutic tones that can impact your physical well-being. 

In the Bible we read about David's music. Recently we have rediscovered the therapeutic benefits of music written in certain frequencies, and WholeTones is keying off this technology to provide music that is actually healing to your body.  LEARN MORE

Ion Cleanse by AMD

Safe. Proven. Total Body Detox.

This powerful tool has been a game changer for our family's health - including heavy metal detox and restoring us to a state of health when we needed a little boost to get over certain

issues. This is an often used tool for our private clients as well. 


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Not Consumed

Strengthening Family Relationships

We love all of the resources for family studies, sibling relationships, and homeschool from here, AND the JOY prayer cards - a simple yet powerful way to teach kids to pray. Take some time to browse their resources!

 learn more

AO Scan Mobile by Solex

The Future of Wellness

The newest powerhouse tool that is quickly becoming a daily staple in the Miller house -- and will soon be launched with clients in our practice. It's hard to condense all this tiny tool can do, so I'll share with you to check it all out below.


Our weekly wellness scanner! This portable device allows you to read your own body's responses and makes recommendations for the appropriate essential oils & nutritional supplements for your body. Works via bioimpedance similar to a Fitbit tracker. This has helped us take the guesswork out of our daily wellness routine. 

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Maybe you didn't find what you were looking for here, or want more truths, tips, and tools for upleveling your wellness lifestyle.