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Does your spiritual life need a little pick-me-up? 

Do you need some spiritual accountability to help keep you on track? 

We get it. We know what it's like to feel like there is something missing. Being a part of a community is vital, but it's also hard to cultivate. Investing in a local church can be great, but maybe that community isn't helping you build the deeper relationships with God or other people that you desire, or there could be friends in other parts of the country that you would like to develop relationships with. In the early church they would risk their lives to be together, and the glory of God was heightened so much that their room was sometimes shaken as if by an earthquake. It seems like the only time our church is shaken is when they turn up the music too loud. What has changed? Certainly it isn't the God we worship. 

Keeping up with your friends can be a real challenge. After gathering with families all across the country, we hear this message over and over. People long for community. They miss developing deep faith relationships. 

That's why we are bringing back our online gathering in a new format, on a new platform. It's all new! Each week, you will:
  • come with something to share in order to help the other people in the group grow in their faith
  • strengthen your identity in Christ
  • practice gratitude and returning to joy 
  • be uplifted and re-sync your brain with gratitude and sharing 
  • learn EXACTLY how and why the big six emotions impact your spiritual well-being, and...
  • you will not GO to church, you will BE the church
  • Sunsets with Jesus 2021
  • Jesus ZOOM Room
  • Sunsets with Jesus 2022
  • XploretheUnseen in Flagstaff
  • Amy
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A little about us...

Four years ago we left Houston towing our four-hundred-square-foot house behind our new-to-us pickup. God had put a stirring in our hearts, telling us that there was "more," but we didn't know what that meant. We are still in the process of finding out. 

For the next four years we have tried our best to build community at every stop, to help people with their health by providing simple tools and resources for them to use with their families, and to invite people into relationship with Jesus. 

It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. 

Come along as we XploretheUnseen together - 
Jim & Amy Miller

"I treasure the time I was able to spend during our online Bible study. They helped me grow in my faith when I was unable to attend church services. I am grateful for their discipleship through a simple yet deep method of understanding God's Word. I have used the Return to Joy prayer method they taught me almost daily and have shared it with others as well. Above all, I could truly feel the presence of God while they prayed over me. I pray they are able to continue sharing God's love and light to others."


Texas, USA